Admission information

Enjoy the benefits of preadmission

Preadmission simplifies the admission process and ensures preferential treatment when you arrive.

Our staff will advise you on what to expect while you are in hospital and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Please remember to bring:

  • Your id document
  • Medical aid document
  • Mediclinic booklet received from your doctor's rooms
  • Authorisation number supplied by your medical aid

Please note that while we can assist you in obtaining authorisation, the responsibility to make sure you have authorisation is still yours, and you will not be able to receive treatment without it.

Meeting your needs on the day you’re admitted

Our reception staff will be on hand to assist with admission or any special requirements you may have, including:

  • Request for private or semi-private rooms: Unless authorised by your medical aid, these are subject to an additional fee, which will be charged to your account and be payable upfront. Please note that we cannot guarantee room availability.
  • Special needs/requirements: Please inform ward staff if you have special dietary or physical requirements. The hospital can provide language services or translation services for patients on request.

Advice about tariffs and charges

  • Hospital fees include your room rate, nursing fee and theatre time
  • Doctors (surgeons, Anaesthetists, pathologist, radiologist etc.) will invoice you directly
  • You will be liable for your hospital account should your medical aid fail to settle
  • International and private paying patients, who do not have medical aid or an accepted health insurance fund, will need to pay an estimated amount prior to admission
  • Full information on charges and payments is listed in our tariff leaflet, which is available at reception